T25 Upper Focus

We move on to T25 Upper Focus in our T25 Beta phase workout.  This requires weights or bands and a mat.  A resistance band is included with the workout program, and works well.  I prefer to use weights because it’s easier set up (just pick them up!) but bands are easier to adjust the resistance.  There is one person using bands in the video, so he will show you how to set it up.

One thing about using weights with this video – they use one set of weights each and there isn’t time built in to switch between exercises.  I end up using 8 lb weights though I could probably go higher on most exercises.  I’m going to put out 10s next time and try to switch for the front raises and any other exercises if needed.

The workout alternates segments of upper body exercises with cardio recovery.  I usually am pretty happy to get to the recovery!  There are all sorts of upper body exercises.  Most people will find that the body weight exercises are the hardest – push ups, tricep dips, hip ups – are the most difficult, especially when they’re at the end of a tough workout!  But it is doable…nothing too crazy.  And no burnout round!

I really like this workout and was excited to be using weights again after Insanity and T25 Alpha phase.  Rip’t Circuit uses them as well, but that will be later this week.


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