T25 Core Cardio

Well, as a bonus to being in week 3 of T25 Beta phase, I know I will blog each day this week to tell you about the workouts!  Hopefully that will be what I need to get back in the habit.  Maybe I’ll even double posy (gasp) a few days!

But first, our review!  Beta phase is definitely tougher than alpha, with the premise being that you’re ready for it.  I still think the movement changes make it doable.  Plus we still have our modifier!  And to set this further apart from Insanity, we use weights!

Not in Core Cardio though.  This is similar to the Alpha Cardio, with more of a core focus.  There’s more twisting, some work in plank towards the end, and a lot of bringing the knees up.  I use a mat for this workout because my floors are a little slippery.  During the planks, you take an arm off the ground and there go my feet, sliding away.  but there isn’t a huge need for it.

I have a hard time with the one-legged kangaroo type hops.  Here we do one-legged kicks and I usually start out and switch to the modifier.  Those are the most difficult moves for me in this workout.

There are two burnout rounds in Core Cardio.  It goes really quickly.  The beginning of this workout (and the other Beta workouts) jump right in instead of building the jog like the Alpha workouts.    I’m fully enjoying Beta!


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