Send sleep!

Sorry to not post for so long!  Not much here to say other than talking about sleep regressions (baby) and lack of sleep (mommy).  I have been cutting my to do list daily to try to get to sleep earlier.  So homemade food for baby, but piecing things together for me.  Some food shopping, but no Trader Joes.  Post Office cut.  Some messages I should send wait.  It goes on.

I hear (from the world of internet moms) that a sleep regression is normal right now.  We have a baby who pulls herself up and can sit back down but forgets that part a lot.  Hopefully as she builds confidence, she can stand up and look around…and then sit back down and sleep.  Right now she gets stuck up and it upsets her.  I think there’s also some teething happening…still no teeth yet!

It’s amazing how quickly I got used to sleeping all night (or one wake up).  We did this from about 4-7 months old, so I’ve been getting decent sleep for a little over 2 months.  And it was lovely.  But we’ll get through this and I get extra baby time at night for now.  Things will slide, but this is how life goes!

How is your sleep?  Is there someone keeping you up at night?

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