T25 Alpha Phase round up

Here are the links to each of the review posts…

Total Body Circuit
Speed 1.0
Lower Focus
Ab Intervals

I also want to talk about the Stretch workout.  A lot of people will be used to the Insanity recovery videos and expect (worry?) that this will be similar.  Those are still very hard workouts, you will sweat, and my three typos will say swear as well.  That was fitting!  The T25 Stretch video is actual stretching.  Not that you wont want to come out of some of them early, but today I did it without sneakers and was fine.  You need a mat for this workout but are mostly standing.  I enjoyed it!  I really needed a bunch of stretching today and this was perfect.  I see myself using this video regularly even after I go through the T25 program.

So that’s the alpha phase.  I’ll post about the Beta phase workouts once I’m into that.  One more week in alpha, and it has Total Body Circuit three times!  This is going to be tough!!


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