But I was still up at 5!

I have a five day weekend.  I am so excited to get a bunch of days in a row to hang out with Zoe and not worry (much) about work.  I feel like the summer passed me by without a thought.


First fun of vacation

The past two weeks, daycare has been closed.  If I had been more on top of things, I would have realized this sooner, but it was a bit of a scramble to figure out a plan.  My husband had already scheduled a week off for the first week and work has a back up daycare program that we used for Monday-Wednesday this week.  But now I get my turn!


It has been a bit of a schedule change for us all, so I have been trying my hardest to get up at 5 to workout.  Zoe hasn’t been going to sleep very easily and my husband started his last semester of school this week so working out at night with a waking baby and no one else home put me at a 9:30 pm workout time on Tuesday.  Not for me!  I like to be sleeping by about 10, and I still have a baby who wakes up to eat 1 or 2 times each night.

So today, after spending a bunch of time awake overnight and really just wanting to sleep in on my mini vacation, I was up at 5 for my T25 workout.  And it felt good to be done!  I’m happy to not need to worry about if I’ll get a long enough stretch of a nap to workout and shower, or waiting all day to do it later.

I’m not telling this story to brag or to make myself feel good.  I’m telling it so you can see that it is possible to find room for exercise.  I work.  My husband works and goes to school.  My baby fights sleep and ends up with 20-30 minute naps.  It isn’t always easy, but you make the time.  Don’t try to find it…schedule time where you can focus and make it happen.

Post T25 Total Body Circuit

Post T25 Total Body Circuit

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