T25 – Ab Intervals

This is the last of the Alpha phase workouts!  I did it today with Total Body Circuit as part of my T25 Double Day.  Tough day after a rough night!  I have been up since 3:50 am and could use a nap.  So we’ll get started…

Ab Intervals is an abdominal workout (but you probably figured that) with cardio intervals.  So it alternates a few ab movements with a cardio move.  Most of the cardio moves use the core as well, so it’s really 25 minutes of focus on the core.  Most of the ab work is either plank or v-sit based.  They will work your core, but with the cardio “breaks” and modifying if needed, this is a doable workout.  That seems to sum up a lot of T25.  It’s tough, but doable.  And you’re finished in 25 minutes…how bad can it be!



So what’s up with this Double Day thing?  A double workout is recommended on Fridays (or the 5th day if you do them on different days) to accelerate results.  You could choose one, split them up during the day, or move one to another day.  I like to get them done together and free up my Saturday for other things (tomorrow I plan to practice Insanity for teaching purposes…still a workout!).  There is also a stretch workout recommended for Sunday but I have been doing yoga outside of the program.  I hope to do the stretch workout soon though.

I’m enjoying T25 and always feel like I got a longer workout in.  I’m feeling some soreness, but I don’t feel like I can’t walk or anything.  Worked but not dead, which is perfect for me.  And with my extra time, I’ve mostly been racking up more mommy/baby time either directly or by taking care of other things to fee up time elsewhere.  Good stuff!

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