T25 – Cardio

Today was time for T25 Cardio, the first workout on the schedule (I’m in the third week).  I find it mostly fun, very tough and a sweat inducer.

The moves work in a progression as in most of the other T25 videos.  You wont be jumping into anything except in the Burnout rounds.  Yep, rounds…there are two!  You can handle it!  Most of the moves are fairly simple, especially with them moving in the progression.  The hardest for me was the On Your Mark and Up Down move – you start in a set position, like you are getting ready to take off on a run and then jump up with one heel forward and back down.  On about the third time through, I found it a lot less awkward!  So just keep on.

The last two minutes after the second Burnout are tough.  You will be reminding yourself of the time and counting it down.  But it’s two minutes!

Overall, it’s a tough and sweaty workout with a bunch of fun cardio moves.  I can do this one without modifications, but Tania is there to give them if you need them.  No shame in modifying!  You have to start somewhere.

Tomorrow is Double Day!  There is an option/suggestion to do two workouts on Fridays for optimal results.  I try to do them back to back because I like having my workouts done early.


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