T25 – Lower Focus

Excuse me.  I worked out for 25 minutes and can’t feel my legs!  Or at least that was this morning!

T25 Lower Focus is a great, tough leg workout.  You will hate the lunges.  And the calf work is all fun until you can feel it working in every move after!  My personal favorite move is the deadlift, which would not surprise you if you know me.  Deadlifts are my favorite!

The moves progress as in most of the other workouts.  This one has two Breakout rounds and when the second starts, you have 3 minutes left.  Shaun T tells you there’s “under 5 minutes” to go.  There you go…a 2 minute gift!

You will feel this workout.  There will be times that you’ll want to quit.  There may be times that you want to modify…nothing wrong with that.  But it flies by and call me crazy, but I think it’s fun.

You don’t need any equipment for this workout (the Alpha phase of T25 only needs a mat, but I didn’t even use that).  I’m beginning to think that wristbands, or towel bracelets, are necessary for all of these workouts.  There is no time to towel off and you’ll sweat buckets!  All go go go.

Tomorrow is T25 Cardio for me!

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