World Breastfeeding Week

Did you know it was World Breastfeeding Week?  To wind it up, I figured I’d give some links to some of my favorite breastfeeding related items.

First, the site that you will read daily if you are nursing, kellymom.  Anything you need answered is there.  Such a great resource!

Yesterday, I posted about Milkmakers lactation cookies, but I also posted my recipe.  I also drink Mother’s Milk tea and have oatmeal daily.

I use my Medela Pump In Style Advanced more than I’d like.  I pump into their bottles, or directly into Avent or Dr. Brown’s bottles.  Baby doesn’t really care how her milk is delivered!  I usually freeze in Lansinoh bags.  We have a boppy pillow, but I prefer the My Brest Friend.  It clips around you and has little pillows on it.

I wear a lot of nursing specific tops.  I needed some new clothes because I wasn’t yet fitting in my old stuff, so I figured I’d buy some.  You could get by with a stretchy tank under any top.  I wear mostly Bravado nursing bras underneath.  I’ve bought tops mostly from Target and Milky Way.  I wear Undercover Mama and Naked nursing tanks underneath non-nursing tops as well.

That’s a lot of links!  I am happy to answer any breastfeeding questions here or in a message about my experience.  I’m 8.5 months in and so far, so good.  She loves solids as well, but I don’t think there’s a week for that.


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