A post with no name (at least not a good one!)

I have a picture-heavy post I planned to write tonight, but a dip in supply meant it was cookie cooking time again.  Hopefully tomorrow!

I finished week 4 of Insanity (well, technically tomorrow which is a rest day) and those who have done it know what that means…recovery week!  AKA the week many don’t come back from.  The workouts get longer and tougher from there and I’m both looking forward to the challenge and the end 🙂  

Not that I’ll slack when it’s over!  ShaunT’s new Focus T25 comes out Monday and I’m thinking that’s next.  25 minute workouts…3 phases of 25 days.  I heard ShaunT speak about the workouts on Thursday and I am pretty excited for it.  You can shoot me a message or leave a comment if you want more info.

Tomorrow, we are heading for the gym.  I have been working out at home and not making it there, but I plan to take Zumba tomorrow.  This is a step in taking yoga there…seeing if the baby can handle the child care center while in a class.  I want to make sure she is comfortable before I start taking yoga because I’d hate for them to come get me and disturb the class.  I know I wouldn’t be the first, but I’ve been waiting it out.  I want to start making it more often on the weekends, but I’m fairly maxed out with Insanity.  I’ll go for walks and do some yoga, but that’s it so far.  I do have some 5Ks coming, so I may go to run a bit (though I can do that with the stroller now too).  I never thought I would be sticking to home workouts so much, but with the right program you really don’t need much more.  My extra workouts are for fun really.  

I think my cookies are cooled, so I’m going to put them away and put myself to bed.  Goodnight!

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