Everyone has excuses. Some of these are valid, some not so much, but I’m trying to not let mine get in my way. I’ve gone fairly silent though and anything I have wanted to post has been short and seemed silly to write without some explanation. Right now, I can’t sleep but the baby can so I figured is get in that.

Not an excuse, but maybe an explanation…a day in the life of me as of the past few weeks:
By 5:40am – baby and mommy awake. Often earlier
Then-6:50-feed baby and get her ready for day care, play a bit with extra time. My husband takes her to day care, so before this he exercises and gets ready for work. And makes is both Shakeology otherwise I’m so hungry by the time he leaves!
6:50-8:15-I exercise, shower, and get ready for work
8:15-5-work work work. During work I also pump pump pump, which really takes up any extra time I might have had in the past to do something crazy like put a load of laundry in the dryer from the washing machine. I used to be able to manage at least that during my day and then could just fold it in the evening.
5-7-hang with the baby and get anything absolutely necessary done…may be food shopping, a quick errand, definitely dinner.
7-bed. A new development is that Zoe and I are both in bed at 7. She has been having difficulty with waking if I’m not there. Everyone is getting more sleep now. But this used to be my productive time.

Weekends are catching up plus anything planned. This weekend was super busy and hopefully now that I’ve put this out there, I will feel better with some quick updates. Breaking down that barrier of silence!

Today, I’m off from work. Doctor’s appointments for both of us and some fun and errands. But right now I’m going to run around the house and get some things put away while I’m still the only one awake. Shhhhhh…


Yawn…from Monday morning!

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