I’m sweet enough!

I’ve been slooowly trying to get my diet back to somewhere near pre-pregnancy.  Between wanting food that is quick and not being able to eat dairy, a lot of the times I’ve gone for the almond milk ice cream.  More times than I’d like to admit.  Last week I put a stop to that and just didn’t buy it.  Sure it’s easy and delicious.  But I need real food!  Not having it the house went well.  I’d make some chia pudding if I wanted something sweet, or have some fruit (easy! convenient!).

This week I decided on a little extra challenge.  I’m cutting out sugar Mon-Fri.  Other than finishing a dark chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s and a little stevia in Shakeology and my regular protein powder.  So far, it’s going well!  This extra challenge will really push me because I really can’t depend on any processed or packaged foods.  This was a big reason to do it.  Without cutting out something for a short time, it is easy to slide into a bad habit.  Now I’ll get used to cooking, and know that it has an end in sight.

I hope that after Friday, I will have pushed the thoughts that I don’t have time for cooking out of my head.  It hasn’t even been that much of a change yet, but not putting some stevia in my coffee was strange.  Still good though!  I’ll write about how it goes.  And about Les Mills Pump…I swear!

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