Not a review…yet

I had all intentions of writing a review of Les Mills Pump this weekend but it hasn’t happened.  I could rush one out now just to do it, but I really like the program and want to tell why.  I want to write about each video and give it the focus it is worth.

But life got in the way, mostly in the way of a not sleeping baby.  She wakes up every 3 hours most nights, but last night was every two.  She’s taking longer to fall asleep.  A lot of the time I’m up is restful for her as I hold her until I think she’ll go down.  And she has taken a good nap both today and yesterday.  So tonight, instead of writing all about the workouts, I still had bottles to make, breastmilk to freeze, laundry to start/move to dryer…and a screaming baby.

So now, after a busy day of playing, hot yoga, a birthday party, and more playing, I’m going to sleep.  I will say that my first time back at hot yoga went better than expected.  I never felt the need to bolt out of the room and was able to do all of the postures in some form.  I’m so glad I finally made it to a class!

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