Ode to my Food Scale

Okay, so it wont be an actual ode or poetic at all.  But I wanted to talk about the food scale and how much I love mine.

Most people think of food scales as a weight loss tool – helping to measure a portion size, especially of those things that are easy to over do with regular measuring cups/spoons.  Peanut butter and cereal come to mind.  You weigh, you know you’ve got it right, you can journal it accordingly.  But now lookie here…you just measured and saved dirtying that cup or spoon.

Now for the use that really helps me out, we’ll take that a step further.  When you make a recipe, there may be 4 ingredients that you need a teaspoon of.  Now you have to think about the order you’ll measure them (or is that just my uber logical side?) so that you don’t have a dry ingredient in a wet spoon.  Or (and you saw this one coming) you could just weigh it.  I make most recipes with a mixing bowl on top of the food scale.  Then I can just reset it to zero for a few ingredients and skip the measuring cups and spoons.  Most of my recipes have weights scribbled by the ingredients so I can just use that after the first time.  Less mess, less fuss.

We don’t have a fancy one.  This appears to be an updated version of the one we have had since 2008.  We have replaced the batteries a few times, but otherwise it is good as new.  It sits on our counter because we use it so much.  This and the crockpot are two items that I can’t live without.

And when someone asks if Shakeology should be measured to the line on the scoop or to the top, I can measure it and match the serving size (it’s the top!).

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