Workout update

Wow, I haven’t updated much and haven’t updated my workouts in a week!  So here is that…

Wednesday – TurboFire Fire45 and Stretch10
Thursday – HIIT20 and Sculpt30
Friday – Fire55EZ
Saturday – Core20 and Stretch40
Sunday – Fire45 and Stretch10
Monday – Fire55EZ and Stretch10
Tuesday – Fire30 and Sculpt30

I have moved on to a new month of TurboFire.  These weeks have more straight cardio and strength training and none of the HIITs (though the cardio workouts usually have intervals of higher intensity – the Turbos).  My toe still hurts, but I don’t notice it much in all but one pair of sneakers.  So I don’t wear them much now.  Good thing I have others.

I’m also enjoying my Shakeology so much.  I had it for dinner today (I may have dropped the crockpot lid into dinner and didn’t want lid chips with my chicken) and I am EN-ER-Gized!  My husband is drinking it mostly daily too!  Sometimes I think he forgets that he has it until I mention it.  He had salad and Shakeology for dinner.  He goes straight Shakeology and water plus a little Coffee Mate.  I usually do frozen berries, almond milk and water.  So good!

My mommy and baby workouts came yesterday and I hope to try them tomorrow.  We have a very busy week with lots of appointments and friends.  Fun stuff!  And it’s all after nap time.  We like nap time.  Zoe has one good nap a day most mornings and everyone is happier when that happens.  Happy baby = Happy mommy!

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