Lulu Looney

I am not one to discriminate against workout clothes (or regular clothes for that matter). My clothes are from a mix of places…Target, Marshalls, lululemon, Turbowear. I do have a tough time spending a bunch on clothes to sweat in. Most of the pricier stuff, I’ve bought on sale or for a special occasion.

When I found out there was going to be a lululemon warehouse sale nearby, I jumped on it. Good times were had and good clothes were bought. And the scarf. Oh the scarf. We were on the prowl for the vinyasa scarf that was $9. The box was empty when we got in, but the three of us left with four scarves with some great eyes and a wonderful worker who found one for us.

Zoe came to and spent most of her time in the sling. She was just brimming with anticipation before the sale.


So here is most of my purchases. Not pictured is a running head band.


We had a great time even with the lines and got terrific deals! And a bonus workout carrying a baby the whole time.

I’ll update my workouts tomorrow. Today was my favorite TurboFire Fire55Ez.

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