Mommy & Baby workouts

I tried a Yogibaby class at the studio where I had taken prenatal yoga.  It was a great class, but we had a rough time.  Zoe cried a lot, which no one seemed to mind.  But it distracted me because I felt terrible for the instructor and other mom and baby there.

Zoe is a good baby’s and she cries less and less.  But she doesn’t like being on her back very much, has certain times of day where she’s happiest (who doesn’t) and sometimes is still unpredictable.  If we could perfectly plan it so yoga was at her happy time that day, I think we would have a great time. But that isn’t how it works!

Today we skipped yoga.  It is not overly expensive, but enough to really think about how much we’re getting out of it. I looked online and found two mommy and baby workouts for just under the price of one class.  These we can do at her happiest times, can pause or stop without anyone else being interrupted and can syill do once I go back to work in March (the class is during the day).  I am looking forward to these and I hope we like them!  I will certainly review them here.

Other than that, I hurt my pinky toe pretty badly.   Such a silly injury.  So yesterday I was forced to take a rest day.  I did today’s planned workout and it still hurt but was bearable.

Workout Sunday – TurboFire Fire55EZ
Workout today – TurboFire Low HIIT25 and Stretch10

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