More food

This was my lunch yesterday. I don’t plan to start posting all of my food here, at least not anytime soon. But if I have something to share, I will do that.

So first we have my doctored up store-bought Butternut Squash soup. I got a carton from my food store, so nothing special. I add 1t coconut oil and some cinnamon. This was a pre-pregnancy staple that I’m just getting back into. It is delicious and much better than the soup out of the carton.


The rest of my meal was hummus on toast. But new “super” hummus and some excellent toast. The hummus is Nasoya Spinach Garlic Super Hummus…super because it has extra protein. And it is extra delicious. The bread is Fiber One Soft Oatmeal which is thicker (and more calories) than any bread we usually get other than Ezekiel bread. But soft indeed. So I have one slice, not two.


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