Pineapple Chicken

I’m still not feeling even close to 100% yet. Most of the day, I am fine with a little pain that doesn’t bother me much. But if I try to exercise more than walking, I get the face pain. I really hope this goes away soon. I’m going to try working out again tonight and see how it goes. Luckily it has been fairly nice out so the baby and I have been able to get out for some walks.

I am trying to make us dinner more often. Finding dishes that my husband and I will both eat has always been difficult. I don’t eat red meat or pork, he won’t eat any ground beef alternatives. He doesn’t eat soups, beans, quinoa, or fish. I like my food pretty healthy and easy to make. We eat a lot of chicken, and end up fixing separate dinners most nights. I think that it would save us money to have one meal that I make for us each night. So I’ve looked for some recipes, aiming to find 2 suitable ones a week. Last week, I found 2 and made one on Friday.

I found this on pinterest. It was just a picture of the ingredients with instructions underneath so I don’t know where to credit it to!


Crockpot Pineapple Chicken

1.5 lb Chicken breasts
1 can crushed Pineapple (I used chunk because I had it)
Sweet BBQ sauce (I used half the bottle)

Cook in crockpot on low for 6 hours. I served it over brown rice.

Workouts have been mostly walking. Hoping to be up to more soon!


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