Hoping to Bounce Back

A bit over a week into my workouts and I’m amazed.  Amazed at how tough of a time I’m having.  I knew it would be different, but I guess I figured I would have kept at least some strength and flexibility with working out through my pregnancy.  I’m sure part of it is me being critical, but it’s hard.

I am physically bigger.  This makes just moving my body more difficult (but burns more calories!) and also means that sometimes I get in my own way.  I also have changed shape in many ways over the last year.  I sometimes still expect my pregnant belly to be there, still think my thighs and hips are smaller and still think I know what to do to be in balance.  But my belly is an entirely new shape, I have pounds distributed in new places and I don’t know how to balance this body easily.

I have a weaker core.  I haven’t worked my core directly since last March as even early on it made me nauseous.  This changes everything from actually doing abdominal work such as planks to jumps and other plyometrics or strength moves like push ups.

Today, I did two workouts that really showed this – TurboFire Core20 and Stretch40.  The stretch workout was like a yoga class and so much was harder than expected.  I have this on schedule once a week for the next 7 weeks and I will look back at this post, hopefully with improved strength and flexibility.

I know that I will not be the same, but that I will lose the weight and gain the strength.  I have done this before under different circumstances – first coming from being overweight all along and doing it all for the first time and now going from several hot yoga classes, being able to lift heavy and move with both grace and strength in my cardio to, well, not.   However I also have a good reason for this different body!  So that is a plus on the mental side.

I am coming at it as a happy challenge.  I look forward to the new changes and the fun workouts.  I will work to get my body back to the healthy person my brain remembers so I can be a healthy mother to my child.

Workout Friday – TurboFire Fire45EZ and Stretch10
Workout Saturday – TurboKick Round 50
Workout today – TurboFire Core20 and Stretch40

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