My 6 week checkup is tomorrow and I can not wait.  I hope for a good sweat by the time I go to bed tomorrow night.

Today, after our 4 am-ish feeding, I couldn’t get back to sleep.  By the time 5:30 rolled around I was thinking about how I would get out of bed for just about any workout other than Walk Away The Pounds and how annoying it was that it was all I could do until cleared one day later.  Seems so arbitrary, but I’m playing by the rules.

I’m not sure what workout I’ll do tomorrow but as long as my appointment goes well, it will be something.  I have RevAbs which I haven’t tried yet and a few TurboKick rounds I might want to try.  Or I could do an old favorite like Cardio Party 3 from TurboJam.  So many choices!!

I made another lactation cookie recipe, but I’ll share that tomorrow.  Good stuff, and I continue to be impressed when I can get something like making a recipe done!

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