How I’m tracking

With breastfeeding, most sources say that you need 500 extra calories per day. My Fitness Pal does not have a setting for breastfeeding like some other tracking sites/apps, but I didn’t want to switch what I was using.

MFP does allow you to manually change your calorie goal in their settings. Another way to do this would be to add 500 calories of exercise.

What not to do would be to ignore your extra calorie needs while breastfeeding! Many people say that breastfeeding helped them to lose weight, but not all. Trying to lose can hurt your supply.

I have been focusing on hearty foods and adding flax seeds and nutritional yeast where I can. I also drink Mother’s Milk tea which seems to have upped my supply. So far it’s going very well!

Zoe goes for her one month appointment tomorrow. I still can’t believe it’s been a month!

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