What’s doing

This break in updates has been caused by a baby sleeping slightly better! I had been doing my limited updating while the cutie was sleeping on me. I still spend time with a sleeping baby but not as much which means I’m getting slightly more sleep. Yesterday, I got about 6 broken up hours!

I have been surprisingly able to function on the teeny bits of sleep I’ve been getting. I completely think it’s the Shakeology daily! I have so much more energy and just feel better. And the noise of the Magic Bullet is soothing to little ears. I’m getting awesome at one handed preparation.

We had a few rainy days here which were a bit sad. I missed getting outside to walk. One day I strapped the baby in with the Moby wrap and did an old Walk Away the Pounds DVD. It was not as fun as outdoors but it was good to move. And the extra weight didn’t kill me either.

Zoe likes the walks just as much as I do, if not more. We went today and when we got home she was inconsolable…


She loves being on the move though!

Me elsewhere…I did a guest post for my favorite maternity workout wear company, For Two Fitness. Check them out and the post here.

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