The next leg of the journey

I took a photo last week of the difference between 41 weeks and 1 week post partum. I even was wearing the same top! I lost a bit more than 20 lbs (not sure of my actual final pregnant weight) in those 8 days. I had gained over 50 lbs. My body definitely knows how to gain weight. This was with working out and tracking food. I figure that the body does what it needs to during pregnancy. I certainly had no ability to predict what would cause me to gain or lose. I did eat some things that I normally wouldn’t have but kept up healthy habits.


So as of Saturday, I am back tracking and have been slowly adding back some of the foods that I had aversions to during pregnancy. I am breastfeeding, so I’m not trying to actively lose. And I’m not yet cleared for exercise other than walking. So for now, it’s walks with the baby, tracking my calories, and recovering. And enjoying the new addition of course.

I’ve also added Shakeology, planning for daily. I missed yesterday when I grabbed a snack while out for a few hours. My go to mix is ~1cup frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup almond milk and water but I’ve also had it with PB2 and with peppermint extract. I feel like this addition has helped with my energy levels while getting minimal sleep. I’ll continue to update with how the Shakeology is working for me! You can find out more about Shakeology at my Beachbody site, or ask any questions in the comments!

I’m looking forward to working out soon. I plan to document my journey back to my pre-pregnancy weight here.

I also plan to update more frequently! So sorry this is only my third post in over two weeks. I’m getting better at one-handed typing and the baby is getting better at sleeping without being held (well, a little better).


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