Back for now

I didn’t mean to disappear! So sorry. I have had at least one hand occupied at most times for the past 11 days, making typing a bit difficult. I have become a “liker” on Facebook because it’s easier. And I just update with photos.

We have a weight check doctor’s appointment today and I think my champion eater will be back to her birth weight easily. I went to a breastfeeding support group last Wednesday and it was super helpful, if not for technique, for confidence. It was also nice to speak to other mothers who can tell me that everything we are experiencing is normal.

And what are we experiencing? A lot of sleepless nights! When they say to sleep when the baby sleeps, no one mentions that the baby will only want to sleep on you. So she will sleep, but if I try to put her down she wakes up and cries. But we are learning what works and what doesn’t for us. And that’s all you can do!

Well, one of us needs to eat now so that’s all. Except for some pictures because who doesn’t want pictures!




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