See you later Starbucks

Our power was restored last night!  We can now start thinking about meeting this baby.  I’m now over 40 weeks and still feeling well.  I’m still exercising but will start taking it a little easier as needed.

Yesterday, I knew I did too much.  The big drain was doing laundry at the laundromat, after working out twice earlier in the day.  Laundry never seems so difficult, but getting the clothes down the stairs and back up, putting them in the car, bending over to pick up fallen socks and navigating through the place took a lot out of me.  I  was happy to sit on the couch and enjoy the power and heat last night.

Once the power came on, it was nice to clean up a bit.  After a hurricane and snow storm, the place was in need of a vacuuming at the very least.  And putting things in their regular place was much easier with light!  I also was able to unpack my bag of supplies for showering elsewhere.  I’m extremely thankful that I had the chance to do all of this before going into labor.

Now, I’ve been really trying to appreciate the little things that we missed without power.  Washing your hands in warm water is a big thing that is just wonderful.  Having a cup of tea this morning (something I would never go out for like coffee) was a simple treat.

Next on the list is to re-stock up on all of the groceries we lost.  We can keep food and cook but we haven’t made it to the food store.  I may try to go tomorrow, but I’ll probably go in the evening when my husband can go also.  It is much easier with a second set of hands.

So baby watch begins!  A little later than I had figured and with only a week before the doctor says I’ll be induced.

Workout Saturday – Prenatal Yoga, walk
Workout today – walk

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