Still at Starbucks!

Well, not still but I’ve been here every day this week.  I am now “that girl” who carries a power strip wherever I go.  Must charge everything!

We were very lucky during the storm, so we are still keeping our spirits up.  And we now have two cars with gas so I’m not stuck in the house or in walking distance (my husband has work and school so I get the gas last).  “Walking distance” for me currently changes by the minute, so that was difficult.  I’m looking forward to being able to check out the Tuesday prenatal yoga class after missing Saturday’s class to conserve gas.

So, workouts have been lots of walking…I wont bore anyone with listing that out.  I plan to get to the gym today for a workout and shower.  Should be a sight…due in 2 days!

One thought on “Still at Starbucks!

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