Let’s see what she has got for us!  So far we still have electricity, so I have been doing laundry and have printed pictures.  I’m keeping my phone and laptop charging.  I made it to Trader Joe’s for a few items I thought we were better stocked on and a worker there yelled at me when I came in that I should stock up because they’re planning on closing…a few times in a row.  I hardly think the people showing up at opening are the ones who need reminding!

We lose power on nice days, so I took a shower pretty early and didn’t workout today, but I figure I can use the rest day.  My last was a week ago last Friday.  The gym cancelled all classes and is closing at 1 today.  I’m hoping that they reopen by Wednesday and that it’s okay to walk tomorrow at some point.

Good luck with the storm if you’re in Sandy’s path!

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