Did it!

I worked out each morning last week!  I didn’t get up at 5 every day (every day but Friday) but I did get up in time to work out.  First time since February.  I’ve also kept the streak going by working out today and yesterday.  Not bad for 38 weeks!

I am also now on maternity leave and getting some time to work on the list I’ve been putting off.  Lots on that but I’m slowly chipping away!  So far, we have a new camera, have registered for day care, lots of baby laundry is done and one set of curtains are ready to be hung.  We also got ready for the hurricane that’s the talk of the town.  Hopefully we wont get hit too hard!

They said on the news that this would be a more “complete” storm than Hurricane Irene.  With that, we just had a bit of wind but then no power for a few days.  I want to get some more laundry done before any power goes (some adult laundry too!) and it would be easier to do a few other things with power than without.

Also on my before baby list is to print out some photos.  My aunt got me a photo album and I’ve been good at taking pictures but so not at printing.  I know that if I wait, I’ll never do it.  A lot of them will be the belly pics that I have posted here and some are from before I was showing – baby’s first concerts and trips to some other places.  All good stuff.  I’ll share any that look fun!

Workout Thursday – elliptical and lifting
Workout Friday – Yoga Booty Ballet Baby on the Way
Workout Saturday – Pre-natal yoga and short walk
Workout today – Walk

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