38’s a good week!

Well, I’m starting week 38 today, but still a good week so far. I did something I don’t think I have managed for my entire pregnancy…I woke up at 5 Mon-Wed and worked out. Usually if I’d made it to Wednesday, I had to sleep in. Most times it has been because of poor sleep, so I guess this also means I have slept alright this week. Maybe I can make it Mon through Fri!

This is also my last week of work before maternity leave. Knock on wood, but it has gone surprisingly okay. No major stresses which is always good! Friday is a half day for a doctor’s appointment, but I’ll likely work a bit more than half.

And of course there was the dresser yesterday! I updated the post with a picture today. There is still a lot to do, but pretty much everything we need is here. Just need to find some time. I don’t have any real signs of impending labor, so I should be able to have that after Friday.

Tonight, I am catching up on some computer stuff and hanging with my dogs. We are all on the same couch and occasionally they switch spots and I get a different one closest to me. Hopefully I get to bed early and wake up on time for the gym.

And since it is Wednesday, a picture for week 38…



Workout today – Prenatal yoga from yogadownload.com

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