Babies R Us Registry Completion

We went to Babies R Us (BRU) to buy a bunch of our remaining registry items (especially the furniture and baby monitor) last week.  They offer a 15% completion code (I think it’s 10% if you start your registry online) that arrived for us two days before I was 34 weeks.  The code is good for one day, says it’s good online (but wouldn’t work at the store or at home) and comes on a post card that could easily get thrown out.

We needed four types of things, which led to four transactions and us being in the store for over an hour:

  • available in store
  • ordered in store (non special order furniture)
  • special ordered in store (special order furniture)
  • not available in store, available online
We wanted to use the completion code on all of it (obviously, who doesn’t love a discount) and we also opened a store credit card for an additional 10%. The big issues were things that were not on our registry (our conversion kit for the crib which was nowhere online and couldn’t be added in store due to low stock) and the online items (which the card opening 10% should not have been used for but because they had to call about the completion code, they got us a 25% off code instead of 15% for the online order).The special orders went well. As long as we used the new card for some of it, the 10% could be applied even on the amount we were using gift cards for. And she had no problem with the completion code working on the conversion kit though two prior people (employee and manager) said the system wouldn’t let us use it). I had gone through the gift cards we were also using and written the amounts on the front with a sharpie which she found very helpful.The online order was the biggest hassle. I think that in order to use it, your registry needs to be synced somehow to your purchasing account online. Otherwise it thinks you’re ordering from someone else’s registry and doesn’t accept the completion code.  This wasn’t mentioned when we started the registry, and I used the same email address for the registry and for my regular account. So if you want to use your completion code online, I recommend going in to the store and having them do it or expecting to call their customer service.

The available items in store were pretty easy. But the coupon says that they should take it away from you (weird because it is a one day code, not one use) after the purchase.

Hope that helps someone!

Workout today – Elliptical, lifted weights

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