Day Care Questions

As promised, these are the questions that we wanted to have answered from the day care places we saw (in no particular order):

  • hours
  • cost
  • teacher/child ratio
  • teacher turnover
  • sick/vacation policy
  • teacher certifications
  • food
  • holidays
  • weather policy
  • what we will need to bring
  • typical day
  • definition of sick and when they can return
  • meds – who gives and their policy
  • security
  • waitlists
  • can we leave a carrier/stroller there
  • toddler discipline
  • can we drop in to check in or feed

I had great friends help me with the list of questions as I couldn’t have thought of half of these without the help of experienced parents. I think we’ve made a decision, but I realized when writing out this list that I forgot to ask about the sick/vacation policy at the last place.

I planned to do two workouts today, but I’m not making it to yoga tonight.  I’ve been up since 3am and I’m not feeling so well.

Workout today – 20 minute elliptical, lifted weights

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