Out Of Time

Some days workouts just don’t work out. Today is one of those days.

I didn’t workout yesterday either, so it was a bad day to miss. I was trying to catch up on sleep this weekend, so I relaxed instead of popping out of bed to exercise. Then last night, I was up from 12:45 am – about 5 am. At 4:30 I decided to reset my alarm and skip working out in the morning.

Then I worked. Until about 30 minutes ago. My work computer is actually still doing work for me, but I don’t need to be there. I could workout now, but I want to go to bed early so I’d rather relax. In between work and now, I folded laundry, clipped coupons (and filed them) and got some paperwork together to look at. I’m sitting on the exercise ball instead of the couch, so I have that. And tomorrow I plan to workout in the morning and night. I can’t make it to yoga on Saturday, so I want to go tomorrow night and I still plan to do this morning’s workout tomorrow morning. Assuming I sleep!

We visited a daycare center today (as my “lunch”). It was definitely an option. I’m going to post a list of the questions we went in with this week/weekend. This was the second place we visited, and there were differences but we would feel comfortable with either. So now it’s decision making time. We shouldn’t need it until March, but I’d like to have a plan early.

Just for fun (and because I think he’s adorable), this is how my dogs were when I woke up yesterday. The pug looks super comfortable. doesn’t he?  He’s looking at me like “take the picture already so I can go back to bed”.


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