Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

I had a conversation last week about exercising while pregnant…should you do it?  Why?  I learned a lot about it while studying for my group fitness certification but am by no means an expert.  Of course, if your doctor tells you not to or gives you limits, listen to those.   But if your husband, family, friends, etc tell you not to, here is some reading to educate yourself on reasons to exercise!

Benefits for mom –

ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynocologists) search – they have a lot of information to download
Everyday Health

Some guidelines

Benefits for baby?

I can’t compare my current pregnancy with anything else, but I do think it has gone fairly smoothly.  Of course I have had a decrease in energy, some nausea, and some discomforts but my main issues have been related to allergies.  I have issues with those when not pregnant.  I definitely think that exercise has helped me.

Today, I tried a prenatal yoga at a studio.  I had a great time and wish I had found this class earlier!  It was nice to workout with a bunch of other pregnant women.  I bought an 8 class package, and if I don’t make it to 8 classes can use it on other classes.  I look forward to going back next Saturday.

Workout today – Prenatal Yoga

Before I forget

I haven’t posted my workouts for yesterday or today.  I have little else to say, so I’m keeping it short.

Workout yesterday – 20 minutes elliptical in the morning but didn’t feel well at all so I didn’t lift weights.  20 minute yoga at lunchtime
Workout today – Moms Into Fitness third trimester workout

Tomorrow, trying something new!


Happy birthday to my pug!







We rescued Artoo 3 years ago today.  We can’t be sure what his actual age or birthday is, but we call today his birthday.



He has been an excellent complement to our boxer.  Both are fairly calm, rarely bark, and like to sleep.  They are very happy dogs and love when friends come over and give them some attention.




Artoo is not without his issues!  He is allergic to a lot of foods and breathes, well, like a pug.  But he’s adorable and his quirks make him even more so.  One odd thing is that he needs to go out our back door on the left side.  If you are standing to the left opening the door, he will not budge.  You move to the right, and there he goes.

It seems crazy that we’ve had him for only 3 years.  Here’s to Artoo, my little buddy!

Ready for some football…sort of!

Tonight starts football season.  So I’ll be spending time with my computer and the Giants.  I doubt I’ll make it through the game as I’ve been tired all day, but I will do my best!  Night games are always tough for me.  Typically, I would try my best to stay up and workout after work the next day so I could sleep in a few hours.  That isn’t an option as I have plans tomorrow night (busy bee!) and have a difficult time exercising after work now anyway.  Up at 5am it is.

I have decided to do less practicing of Turbo Kick rounds and do more of it just as a workout.  I have reached a point where I am modifying so much that it is tough to remember the higher impact moves.  I find it is easy for me to learn with the high impact and know how to modify than the other way around.  I’m looking forward to still using Turbo Kick and Turbo Fire workouts during the remainder of my pregnancy, even with modifications. Lifting a little of the stress from wanting to commit the moves to memory as I workout should lead to me choosing them even more than before.  Still my favorite cardio!

I love that the Turbo Fire videos always show a modifier so that it is truly a workout suitable for many levels.  So many workout dvds I have seen show a modification for a moment and then the instructor is back to the higher impact option.  Turbo Fire (along with Turbo Jam) always has someone showing a lower impact, but still intense, option.

Workout today – Turbo Kick round 50

Pregnancy is not the time to start something new…

Unless that something is a pool workout!  I have now done 3 water aerobics type classes, some swimming and the Fit Pregnancy water workout mentioned in my Pregnancy Workouts page.  They are fun workouts, quite soothing and great for a pregnant woman’s changing balance.

Monday, there was a special holiday Aqua Zumba class at the gym.  It was fun, but not as fun as Zumba usually is.  I felt like we did many of the same moves over and over.  But I also didn’t feel terribly silly trying to dance because the water hid me trying to do any pregnant booty shaking.  I was doing Turbo Kick a few weeks ago at home (at about 3am before a flight) and could see my pregnant pump it in my window.  I was amused!

I used the pool weights during most of the songs for extra resistance.  It seems like you’re using these nothing weights, but they really create a lot of pull in the water.   I’m glad I made it a point to take the class (I put it in my phone with an alarm) but I’m not sure if I would go all of the time.  My gym doesn’t offer water based classes when I can take them so I have tried to go when I could.  It was the last class they did in the outside pool. It wasn’t the nicest day, but exercising outside was fun.  I didn’t have to worry about getting too much sun being in the water for an hour.

So if you’re looking for something to try for prenatal fitness, definitely think about a water based workout.  It may be very different from your usual workout and you will likely be one of the youngest people there, but everyone has a good time and the water feels great!

Workout yesterday – Aqua Zumba
Workout today – 20 minutes elliptical, weights (Day 1 from here)

Mid-weekend Sunday and a Review

I love three day weekends, having a middle weekend day. It is fantastic! This one came at a great time with my lack of sleep lately and allergy/sleep headaches. It has been nice to have the time to both be productive and relax.

This morning, I was sore from yesterday’s yoga and decided to do Yoga Booty Ballet – Baby on the Way. Looking back to see if I had reviewed it yet, I noticed both that I hadn’t and that I had planned to change my workout schedule to include more yoga and never did! Silly me. This week, my workout schedule is going to be a bit different than most weeks. Tomorrow, my gym has an Aqua Zumba class for the holiday, so I’m going to that and not lifting weights as I do most Mondays. But the week after, I think I’ll go back to the schedule I planned for weeks ago but never switched to.

While exercising, one of my dogs came over and sat on my yoga mat while I did standing poses. It was adorable and I wish I had a way to get a picture of it. This is the second day in a row that I have wanted to take a picture and couldn’t. I need to start doing these things while someone else is home to act as photographer.


The dogs

Review of Yoga Booty Ballet – I have been enjoying this workout much more than I expected to! I find that it is suitable for many levels. It has a cardio section, then weights and ends with yoga. The cardio is low impact and not complicated. During it the instructor calls you a sexy hot mama which always makes me smile. The weights portion is what you make of it, which is one of the reasons I find it so easy to customize to your level. I use 5 lbs, the heaviest they mention and the lightest I own. You could use lighter or even no weights. The lifting is quick and mixed with movement, which raises my heart rate more than the cardio section, but it isn’t complicated. Last is the yoga section which is also not complicated. I find it relaxing! There is a modifier who does a few exercises differently than the two others. The whole workout is about 35 minutes and requires a mat, weights (if using them) and possibly a blanket or pillow (more comfort than necessity). I put it on thinking how easy it will be, but the weights section always surprises me with how effective it is at getting me to feel my muscles.

Workout today – Yoga Booty Ballet – Baby on the Way

Productive Saturday

So glad I was able to be productive today because now I am free to relax without feeling like I have a million things to do!  I still have many things to finish up like laundry and emptying the dishwasher and things I’d like to get done.  It still feels good to have things checked off of my list though!

Today, I have:

  • Exercised – the long (and tough!) prenatal yoga (review here)
  • Showered – always a plus after the exercise!
  • Went to the bank
  • Went to Ikea, Bed Bath & Beyond and Trader Joe’s
  • Unpacked from my shopping and built all Ikea pieces (all were simple and able to be carried in an Ikea blue bag by an almost 7 months pregnant lady)

And I’ve been relaxing for about an hour.  I love my to do list…and love checking things off!  I will admit to putting things on just to check them off (I know i’m not alone here!) .  I use Awesome Note on my iPhone to organize them all.  I keep a daily list, some longer term lists, and some that are towards things like the house but that don’t have a definite time constraint.  I set reminders to go off for anything time sensitive, and check my list several times a day.  Most of my items repeat daily.

Awesome Note is one of the few (I think max 3) apps I have paid for and it was so worth it.

Workout today – Power Prenatal Yoga – 70 minutes from Yoga Download