Walking Around

I wrote this the other day and it disappeared into wherever it is these things go.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking for fitness.  Usually I would walk as active rest, but now I’ve been walking as a real part of my fitness…and a good way to listen to recorded conference calls.  Now that it isn’t as hot out, I love getting outside and walking around.  Especially in our little neighborhood where I can say hello to people.  We’ve been here over 3 years and don’t know a lot of our neighbors yet.

I wish that our dogs could handle a walk more than around the block.  There are a lot of great things about having older dogs.  They are calm but have bouts of playfulness and are excellent couch mates.  I love a good nap with these two.  But they can’t take the long walks. Our boxer sometimes has a lot of energy, but then spends it really quickly.  It is hard to know how far she can make it and also make it back.  The pug is short and stocky and needs the exercise, but gets tired really quickly.  I still take him for short walks, but when I’m walking for me he can’t make it.

We have also started walking to more local places.  Most of what is nearby is pizza, coffee and Red Mango so we don’t have much to choose from (except that there are four pizza places) but it’s a nice way to get out.  We’ve only done pizza twice, so don’t think I’m living off of it or anything!  I really appreciate that my husband will take these walks with me.  He is training for a half marathon and is running most days and then walking with me.  And I need to go so slow!  A lot slower than my usual speed at least.

Walking, especially with a buddy, is one of the only forms of exercise that seems possible after work, so it’s great for those days I don’t sleep well and choose more sleep over the gym (more and more frequent).  I’m looking forward to walking with the baby once she’s here.  And hoping it doesn’t snow a ton this winter so that it is actually possible!

Workout Thursday – Walking (ended up being for pizza)
Workout Friday – Moms Into Fitness Third Trimester workout
Workout Saturday – Prenatal yoga, Walking (with two recorded calls)

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