Happy birthday to my pug!







We rescued Artoo 3 years ago today.  We can’t be sure what his actual age or birthday is, but we call today his birthday.



He has been an excellent complement to our boxer.  Both are fairly calm, rarely bark, and like to sleep.  They are very happy dogs and love when friends come over and give them some attention.




Artoo is not without his issues!  He is allergic to a lot of foods and breathes, well, like a pug.  But he’s adorable and his quirks make him even more so.  One odd thing is that he needs to go out our back door on the left side.  If you are standing to the left opening the door, he will not budge.  You move to the right, and there he goes.

It seems crazy that we’ve had him for only 3 years.  Here’s to Artoo, my little buddy!

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