Big Day Off!

And did nothing!!  Not nothing, but I did take the day off to relax.  I haven’t slept that well lately, and really just needed an extra day for me.

I did not set an alarm this morning, and definitely slept past my usual 5am wake up time.

I did go to an aqua class at the gym that I can never take because I’m at work.  Now that it’s summer, they do the class in the outdoor gym pool,so that was a good time.  I liked working out outside and the water is fairly soothing.  It can get tough to workout, and I took an indoor cycling class Thursday night.

I did go get lunch with my husband who is also off today.  He works every other weekend, so he has some weekdays off.

I did go to a farmstand for some fresh produce.  I’m excited about the gorgeous watermelon we got!

I did take a nap.  Only for about an hour, but it was lovely.

And I will have grilled corn (another farmstand buy) and walk to a local fair tonight.

I think that makes for a successful day off.  I did some productive internetting (along with some not so productive) but it was still enjoyable.  I’m looking forward to two more days off, probably with more things getting done.

Have groceries, have recipes

But ordered dinner!

I made my grocery list, looking at actual recipes I plan to make plus regular items. First time in ages that I’ve tried to plan some actual cooking. Good plan, but going to the food store was such the event that we got take out for dinner!

We got food from a Mexican place that just opened. They have been “opening soon” since we moved here about 5 years ago, so it was a long time coming! They use fresh ingredients and it tasted good…not weigh you down ick. I had a black bean whole wheat quesadilla and ate 3/4 of it.

Tomorrow is another day to cook. I plan to make a healthy sesame chicken recipe I found on pinterest, Bisquick Pizza Bake, and Roasted Garlic Clam Sauce over Polenta. I need to get back to meal planning instead of making what is quick and easy in the moment. See my Food Aversions post for why it is so difficult! But if food aversions are my biggest pregnancy complaint, I’ll take it.

The highlight of the trip to the food store was a sale on cherries! I look forward to snacking on them in place of the fruit snacks I’ve recently started eating. Not the best for me and don’t do much for heartburn! I’m glad I saw those cherries.

Also food related, I want to change up my pre-workout cereal (all I’ve been able to manage at 5am) to get more protein in. Protein is good, but I’m nervous that I wont be able to stomach it. We shall see.

So many books, so little time!

I am now reading two books, listening to another and reading a dissertation.  I can’t even remember what’s going on with them half the time!

The dissertation is for a friend’s doctorate and I’m reading it for grammar.  I’m not going as fast as I should be and it is always on my mind (and is why I decided to post this).  I really want to help her out and she would do the same for me.  It is interesting to read about a topic I would never otherwise think about!

Two of the books (one reading and the audiobook) are for Personal Development and are by the same person, Brian Tracy.  They were both library requests that became available.   I have to jump on books for free!  Most of my ebooks have been free, either from Amazon or the library.  Gotta love a deal!

The other book is baby related and was recommended by a friend – On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep.

It’s tough to decide which to read when and to make time for everything!  The audiobook will probably expire before I’m done with it.  I wish the library had longer lending periods for the audiobooks!  I think it’s only 7 days.  I listen to that mostly in the car, but I don’t drive enough (good for most things, bad for listening).  So if you’re wondering what I’m doing at any moment, it’s likely reading/listening!  Off to do some of that now.


…you just have to splurge! I know I strive for healthy, and part of that is a healthy balance. No food is “bad” though some foods are not for every day. And every day isn’t a reason to splurge.

Today, we drove to and from the Warrior Dash, and I knew that along our route was a Dairy Queen. I feel like I have been seeing Dairy Queen commercials for my entire life, yet I had never been to one. So today, we changed that.

I got a Blizzard and it was good. Not life changing and nowhere near where it was built up in my head to be, but tasty. And now, I’m okay without Dairy Queen for at least a very long time. And I don’t regret my ice cream at all!

Next year, we will probably do the Warrior Dash again. I don’t see requesting a stop at the DQ then!

Warrior Dash!

Tomorrow, we head up to Windham Mountain for the Warrior Dash.  I’m just a spectator this year, but last year we had a blast!   The biggest challenge was the first mile…up the mountain!  Then not knowing what the next obstacle would be.  But with a tutu on, I could do anything!

Last year, the most I had ever run was 3.5 miles.  I quit half marathon training at 7 miles when I found out I was pregnant at the end of February.   I would have been overly ready for this year!  My husband has run a half marathon and done a triathlon plus some other races since then.  He’s hoping to beat his time and I’m looking forward to watching.

As of now, I’m planning to workout before we leave at 5:30 in the morning.  Rough plan!  The only trouble with watching my husband race is that it makes it difficult for me to workout that day.  I have much more energy in the mornings, so I prefer to workout then.  Tomorrow, that means a 3:30 wake up time!

Time to get things together so tomorrow is easier.  I like to be prepared.  I already have snacks ready to go!  Happy Friday!

27 Weeks

Today I am 27 weeks pregnant! 13 weeks to go sounds so short. To celebrate, I’m sharing today’s picture. I’ve been trying to take them weekly since about 20 weeks. I definitely feel like it is more obvious that I’m pregnant now, which I am enjoying.

My husband has noticed me starting to waddle a bit. It isn’t all of the time, but sometimes I do feel a little pain when I walk. Bending down to pick things up off the floor is more difficult. But I’m still able to workout, so I’m happy!

I’m looking into some different weight workouts. I’ve been using the same one for about 2 months and am getting a bit bored. I’d rather find something before I find it mind numbing and don’t look forward to it. I enjoy most of my workouts and like it that way!



I mentioned a bunch about food aversions the other day.  But pancakes are obviously too good to hate!  I’ve been making them most days of my pregnancy, and they have treated me well.

I bought this set from OpenSky to start me off. Four mixes, all delicious!  The brownies and cookies were loved by all and both pancake mixes made easy, tasty pancakes.  But I eat pancakes more frequently than brownies and cookies, so now I’ve bought a 6 pack of one of the pancake mixes off of Amazon.  I do have a box each of the baked goods mixes in the kitchen and I know where to buy more if I need them.

One of the great things about the mixes are how easy it is to make.  The pancake mixes require only the mix and water!  That’s doable most mornings.  I usually add a mashed up banana, 1/2 scoop of protein powder and a shake of cinnamon.  Blueberries are good too.  They come out excellent almost every time…usually as long as I give the pan time to heat up.  I can be impatient with my pancakes!

Easy, delicious…what else could you want in a pancake?  Likely, you want a picture.  I’ll add one tomorrow!


I have had full intentions of a post a day since getting back from Chicago, but it hasn’t been happening.  Mostly because I’ve been having a lot of sinus issues.  I have developed pretty bad allergies in the past few years and this year is supposed to be a bad one because of out mild winter.  It has been different without being able to take the usual OTC medications I would use when I was having bad congestion and pain.

I have been doing what I can though.  Nasal rinse, daily claritin, steam…not too much else.  After a few rough days I am feeling better.  I am crossing my fingers that I am on the upswing for at least a little while.  I am thankful that I’m not actually sick, and I usually feel alright (other than the congestion/pain).  I took two rest days last week and slept in on Saturday.  I hope it all helps!

The alarm is set for 5am tomorrow, as opposed to 4am the last two days, so I’m very excited about that.  It’s the little things!

Food Averse

I haven’t had much to complain about during this pregnancy, but I do have some trouble with food.  I used to eat a lot of salads, vegetables, grilled chicken and fish.  None of that will do now!

I still, nearing the 6 month mark, can not stand most of these.  Trying to make a grocery list is just a silly attempt at a task.  I don’t know what I like anymore.  I walk around the food store aimlessly, picking up stuff, putting it down, sometimes deciding to try it.  My former mostly clean eating self would be appalled at some of the items that have made the cut regularly!  Bring on the fruit snacks!

Of course I still try to eat a balanced and healthy diet.  And I have yet to hit anywhere with a drive thru.  I have come far from my first trimester staples of bread, peanut butter (natural of course!) and cheese.  I am eating more fruit, including dried fruit than I could stomach early on.  I still don’t keep much junk food in the house.  But my husband is happy that I am good with ordering a pizza every so often.  He’s waiting for me to want a burger.

I track my food daily on  I stay within my calories most days (maybe once a week going over), so I’m still mindful.  But please, don’t ask what I want to eat.  I usually don’t know myself!

Waiting for cravings to hit…

4 week Derm Exclusive results

Four weeks and I love it!  The lines I have are less noticeable and my skin tone is even.  So happy I tried this out!

Derm Exclusive is a breakthrough skin treatment system that helps you look younger immediately, with long-term benefits that target all four signs of aging:
-Fine lines and wrinkles
-Sagging skin and loss of elasticity
-Dark spots and uneven skin tone
-Dullness and lack of radiance

It comes in a 4 piece or 7 piece set.  I got the 7 piece and I really like the extra products, but if you have a favorite cleanser and moisturizer the 4 piece has the workhorse products of the line.  Want to try it?  Go to and click on the Shop link!