Moms Into Fitness workout reviews

I have now done the first, second and third trimester workouts on the Pregnancy Fitness video (I purchased at Target). Each has cardio and weight segments and it is a nice balance. I definitely would consider this on the beginner side, although if you are a true beginner and did not exercise before pregnancy it isn’t for you. The cardio portions have you moving, but don’t really get the heart rate going (which I’m sure is on purpose!). The weight segments are good and you can use heavier or lighter weights to customize each workout to your level.


Each video has three people showing different ways to adjust. One is a lower intensity – you could follow her on an “off” day, or if you are having a complication that isn’t a contraindication to exercise. In the third trimester video, the lower intensity modifier has diastasis recti and gives even more modifications than in the first and second trimester workouts. All three use weights for the level they are showing, and it is announced at the beginning what they are using. I love this. I like knowing what specific weights are used, especially my first time through!

The workouts are given by Lindsay Brin, not pregnant in these videos. She is peppy and seems knowledgable, but says buncakes. You’ve been warned. There is also a postnatal boot camp disc that I haven’t tried. There is a lot of talk of yoga being on the discs. I only see yoga on the postnatal disc, so I did not try it.

My favorite experience with Lindsay Brin was separate from this DVD set. I found her second trimester Youtube video which was a terrific workout. I found that the cardio sections were getting my heart rate a bit too high, so I usually did 20 minutes of cardio on my own before doing the weight exercises from the video. Though I found this more challenging than the DVD, using lighter weights would make it less so. I wish there were more workouts of hers like this online!

I’ve been happy with all of these workouts and I’m glad I found them early on.

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