Making cakeballs out of cupcakes

What happens when there is a party at a pregnant lady’s house (or at least this one)? Too many desserts! I made way too many cupcakes, plus brownies, and someone brought a bunch of cookies. More than half were leftover.

I had made funfetti cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes. And they were delicious for two days. Still delicious today, but really something had to be done about them. Besides me eating them. So I decided to crush them. Cakeballs usually start out with prepared cake and frosting. Cupcakes are just that! I crushed them, shaped them into balls and put them in the freezer. At least the chocolate ones. The funfetti ones didn’t work as well. I think they were too moist. But my husband says he will be happy to eat the crushed cupcakes.

Once they’re frozen on plates, I’ll transfer them to baggies and save them. When I want to make cakeballs, I can just dip them in chocolate and they will be ready. Much better than wasted cupcakes…or the other alternative of eating them all now.

I meant to take more pictures, but cakeballs are messy. So here they are, freezing –


When life gives you too many cupcakes, make cakeballs!

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