So many books, so little time!

I am now reading two books, listening to another and reading a dissertation.  I can’t even remember what’s going on with them half the time!

The dissertation is for a friend’s doctorate and I’m reading it for grammar.  I’m not going as fast as I should be and it is always on my mind (and is why I decided to post this).  I really want to help her out and she would do the same for me.  It is interesting to read about a topic I would never otherwise think about!

Two of the books (one reading and the audiobook) are for Personal Development and are by the same person, Brian Tracy.  They were both library requests that became available.   I have to jump on books for free!  Most of my ebooks have been free, either from Amazon or the library.  Gotta love a deal!

The other book is baby related and was recommended by a friend – On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep.

It’s tough to decide which to read when and to make time for everything!  The audiobook will probably expire before I’m done with it.  I wish the library had longer lending periods for the audiobooks!  I think it’s only 7 days.  I listen to that mostly in the car, but I don’t drive enough (good for most things, bad for listening).  So if you’re wondering what I’m doing at any moment, it’s likely reading/listening!  Off to do some of that now.

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