…you just have to splurge! I know I strive for healthy, and part of that is a healthy balance. No food is “bad” though some foods are not for every day. And every day isn’t a reason to splurge.

Today, we drove to and from the Warrior Dash, and I knew that along our route was a Dairy Queen. I feel like I have been seeing Dairy Queen commercials for my entire life, yet I had never been to one. So today, we changed that.

I got a Blizzard and it was good. Not life changing and nowhere near where it was built up in my head to be, but tasty. And now, I’m okay without Dairy Queen for at least a very long time. And I don’t regret my ice cream at all!

Next year, we will probably do the Warrior Dash again. I don’t see requesting a stop at the DQ then!

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