Food Averse

I haven’t had much to complain about during this pregnancy, but I do have some trouble with food.  I used to eat a lot of salads, vegetables, grilled chicken and fish.  None of that will do now!

I still, nearing the 6 month mark, can not stand most of these.  Trying to make a grocery list is just a silly attempt at a task.  I don’t know what I like anymore.  I walk around the food store aimlessly, picking up stuff, putting it down, sometimes deciding to try it.  My former mostly clean eating self would be appalled at some of the items that have made the cut regularly!  Bring on the fruit snacks!

Of course I still try to eat a balanced and healthy diet.  And I have yet to hit anywhere with a drive thru.  I have come far from my first trimester staples of bread, peanut butter (natural of course!) and cheese.  I am eating more fruit, including dried fruit than I could stomach early on.  I still don’t keep much junk food in the house.  But my husband is happy that I am good with ordering a pizza every so often.  He’s waiting for me to want a burger.

I track my food daily on  I stay within my calories most days (maybe once a week going over), so I’m still mindful.  But please, don’t ask what I want to eat.  I usually don’t know myself!

Waiting for cravings to hit…

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