Resume semi-regular programming…

I had good intentions of updating on vacation.  I thought I had a coupon for free wifi, and if that didn’t work, surely 3G coverage!  Neither was the case at most points!  But I had a great time!

I’ll spare the activities recap, and hit the workouts!  Thursday, I did wake up at 3am (2am Chicago time!) and did a TurboFire video…Fire 45 EZ.  Friday, I was able to go to the gym with a friend for free!  I lifted weights there, sticking to my usual workout.  Saturday, I met a friend for a ride on the elliptical in the hotel gym.  Sunday, I rested.  But every day, I walked.  And walked!  I brought a pedometer and said “I forgot to use my pedometer today” every evening.

I also ate tasty Chicago food and delicious home baked desserts, so all of the activity was definitely necessary.  I wouldn’t change a thing, other than having a stocked kitchen when I returned home!  Must make it to the food store.  I wish I could have taken today off to recover and run errands, but it was back to work for me.  Off to check off my to do list for the evening and go to the pool for some exercise!

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