Pre-pregnancy workout schedule

When I found out I was expecting, I was training for a half marathon.  Scratch that.  My first half marathon with the most I’d ever run in a race being 3.5 miles.  I had made it to 7 miles!  My schedule was focusing on running, leaving weights and other cardio on the lower end.  I found I could lift 3x a week or run 3x a week, but not both.


Monday – run, think about hot yoga and rarely make it

Tuesday – Weights, hot yoga

Wednesday – run, practice TurboKick rounds

Thursday – weights, hot yoga or indoor cycling

Friday – hot yoga, some sort of cardio

Saturday – hot yoga, run

Sunday – rest, possibly walk, hot yoga or Zumba

A lot of days this was split between the morning and evening.  I doubt I’ll get back to a similar schedule with a baby, but I did enjoy all of this.  It was a good, healthy way (as long as I rested when needed of course!) to spend my free time.  I like to have a plan for each day so that if I miss a day, it’s okay.  I just get back to business the next day!

I find that the key to finding the time for exercise is to make it a habit.  I don’t ask myself “if” I’ll exercise most days, only when and what.  But I didn’t start out like that.  Consistency takes time and effort to build, so start now!

I think I have time to dye my hair still, so I’m off to do that.  It has been a few days too long already!

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